6 Challenges

HESABIKA is called to serve God and Kenya at a time when the nation is experiencing the following ills:

  • Failure of Leadership – We see a vacuum of good leadership in many sectors of the society especially in political governance. However, the self-serving and self-seeking leadership extends to professions, communities and churches as well.

  • Breakdown of morals and values – We are part of a society that loves and worships money, distorts the truth, and fails in the integrity test in every level of society. The family is under threat with new definitions of identity, disregard for the sanctity of life and human dignity, as well as focus on rights without responsibility.

  • Poverty and inequality – Kenya is one of the most unequal societies anywhere and rapidly becoming a nation of a few billionaires and millions of beggars. The poor are disregarded and exploited; the unemployment rate particularly for the youth disturbing. Heavy government borrowing condemns future generations to penury even before they are born.

  • Corruption – We feature highly in global corruption leagues and we seem to have accepted our lot. Government offices and increasingly even private companies expect bribes as a right. There is a rise in tolerance of petty corruption as a way of life. Corruption and negative ethnicity are related as ‘tribes-men and women’ fight for their ‘turn to eat’.

  • Social fragmentation – Politics in Kenya takes advantage of our ethnic and regional differences to fan hatred for selfish reasons. The inequality in access to education and other national resources has led to a class system with the majority in the underclass. Social mobility is only a dream for the majority of Kenyans.

  • Injustice – Though we have come a long way, it is still a valid mantra that there is no need to bribe a lawyer if you can buy a judge. Majority of Kenyans suffer from the poor access and delivery of justice in a system stacked in favour of the strong and wealthy.


6 Strengths

The battle that we face is too fierce for us to fight in our own strength. God has blessed us with many strengths and competencies to equip us. These include:

  • Legacy of Biblical thinking – We are thankful for our roots in FOCUS from where we have a legacy of leadership biblical discipleship. Our students and graduates are taught to interrogate the issues in society with a Christian mind in order to bring biblical morals and value to bear in every area of life.

  • A huge network –University students and graduates are to be found in every part of the country and in every profession and level in the society. We have a rich relationship with churches of every denomination. We can mobilize strategic and catalytic partnerships for the transformation of our nation.

  • Diversity – Christian students and graduates come from every part of the nation, and are in every profession. We aspire to model regional and gender diversity in all we do. We are also non-aligned politically, and are inter-denominational.

  • Educated core Constituency – We have a large pool of university and college graduates who are competent in research, communication and writing abilities. These graduates are at every level of society and leadership.

  • Working with the Youth – Hesabika has inherited a legacy of shaping and developing leaders through the university and college Christian Unions and the graduates (FOCUS Associates’) ministries. There is a huge opportunity for influencing the youth of today to be agents of transformation for the nations.

  • Social Capital – We are blessed to have developed many leaders of credibility and professionalism in many sectors of this land including churches as well as the marketplace. We can use this strength to challenge existing moral and social failures in our land.


6 Strategic Priorities

We will seek to engage in God’s battle for Kenya by doing the following:

  • Advocating integrity in leadership –

    1. Re-energise Christian Professional Fellowships at national and county levels
    2. Annual Conference for Christian Professionals
    3. HESABIKA Talks and Campaigns on national issues
  • Promoting excellence in the market place –

    1. HESABIKA Leadership Summit – annually in the last quarter where a global leader addresses an important national issue; target is the public and corporate sector.
    2. Christian Business Seminars
    3. Website portal
    4. HESABIKA Bible Study materials.
  • Upholding positive values and morals –

    1. Support FOCUS purity and chastity campaigns
    2. Support KCPF family initiatives
    3. Christians in Media seminars
  • Combating corruption and negative ethnicity –

    1. Annual Campaign around the International Anti-Corruption Day in December – in CUs, Churches and in the Media
    2. HESABIKA Bible Study Materials
    3. Music and Arts campaign
  • Serving the church in its prophetic role to the nation –

    1. Training in Market Place Engagement
    2. Research and Publishing
    3. Theology of Work Project
  • Mentoring the next generation of leaders –

    1. Mentoring of emerging leaders by older Christian professional
    2. Mentorship Curriculum for use by the Churches
    3. HESABIKA Corporate Internship Program
    4. Career Fairs for University and College finalists.


As long as poverty, corruption, failure of leadership, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. Get in touch today and start making the difference.