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Wrapped in His Identity

Wrapped in His Identity The Past... Growing up, I had quite a struggle understanding who I was, and I found myself leeching on the identity of significant people in my life: my parents (and especially my father as I was a typical daddy’s girl) and my friends (who were not many). I found

The Journey So Far!

The Journey So Far! The Hesabika Mentorship Program has been God’s timely gift to me for this year. As the year began, my world seemed so dark and confused. I had gone through a difficult and tough break up that left me with more questions than answers. As I sat down to listen

The Limitless Stage!

The Limitless Stage! The first time I ever acted, the Director kept telling me, “Make use of the stage!” That the moment when I stood out there was all mine and I should fully utilize it. Unfortunately, in that moment when I was trying simultaneously to remember my lines and lock out fear

I am my Father’s Son

I am My Father's Son. Our class lecture and the various readings took me down memory lane. I realized that we all have the innate need for acceptance, approval and love. This need is amplified especially in the fiery kiln of the painful experiences that are part of life.   Although my father

Africa Arise!

Africa Arise! “We often forget that the call to Christianity is towards the work of God wherever we are” ~ Pastor Calisto, Nairobi Baptist Church Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world. This is a clear indication that change in Africa is inevitable. The questions we have heard asked by many


WHICH WAY KENYA? A COMMUNIQUE FROM HESABIKA TRUSTEES FOLLOWING RECENT MEETING Kenyan elections: A predictable crisis Every five years, it is de javu for Kenyans. Predictably, there will be problems with how elections are conducted and a fear of violence permeates the air for months. Kenyans may not agree on why this is